Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me

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Most people nowadays have some problems with their own pets, but with the advancing of technology and veterinary, anyone is able now to understand how to deal with these problems. Some pets holders, especially cats ownerrs face problems such as the running of their cats.

Actually, this causes a horrible feeling as if your kids are running away from you. Those who have already had pets before can know the reasons and solve them, others who are new cats holders always ask: why does my cat run away from me?  What should I do when my cats run away from me? And some others do researches about the most common issues about cats and ask: what are the possible reasons my cat can run away from me? You should not panic or feel stressed about it because the reasons are quite normal and you can really solve the issue throughout our article.

NOTE: We want to inform our blog readers that before we publish any article, the team “Proudcatowners” does deep research based on experience and knowledge about cats and everything related to them, to guarantees reliable and precise information, satisfy the readers is our first priority.

Why does my cat run away from me?

Problems never end, and the issue of your cat runs away from you can be always preventable and solved. You just have to read carefully the following reasons and find out which one is the main one that was your cat’s motive to run away from you. First, cats are sensitive creators and you will be surprised if we exemplify it by a sensitive person.

When they are Hot

You may wonder this reason, but it is listed among the top reason why your cat can run away from you. When Cats are in their coupling season they do not stand people or even other cats, instead of yawning to you they run away.

The Nature of Predation

cat hunting habits

Never underestimate the nature of cats and their will of predation and hunting. Despite the fact that cats changed from being wild animals to domestics ones where we can house them, this will never change the fact that cats always long to their wildness and hunting spirit that they can run away from you for a while.

“I am used on that”

Cats can hardly be used to live in your home, but if you change your home and you find your cat runs away from you, simply because she is not used to it, and she is used to being an outdoor cat. It is not only about places but people as well. If you have adopted a cat from a previous owner, it is undoubtedly the reason why she runs away from you. Cats do not like the fact of things change on them.

Emotions Smell

A lot of studies have shown that cats love to be the center of attention. They smell emotions if you do not like them anymore or you neglect them. If you had new members in the house or you have been busy and you neglected your cat, you must not wonder if they run away from you after that.

Love Balance

If you have kids or other partners who share with you your cat, and they take care of it when you are absent or busy, it means for the cat that they love it more than you do. Cats love to be loved, and they have to be loved more from you. This is the most popular reason that Cats can run from you. You should always maintain the love balance between you and between your cats because as we mentioned before they smell EMOTIONS.

Hegemony Power

In the times of mating, a dominant cat can attract your cat that it runs away from you. Another case is the existence of another dominant cat in the house can lead the cat to run away from you. You are advised to check on that sometimes.

Stop the Violence

Your misbehavior with your cat can be an effective reason why your cat can run away from you. It can happen intentionally, but anything that causes pain is considered a violent gesture. You also check the sharp things in the house that may cause pain or even having a dog as a pet can be a reason that cats run away from you.

Be Socialized

The case of adopting a small cat and locking it in the house without discovering the outside world is another important reason that cats run away from you. Some people do not have big houses or balconies where they can allow their cat’s pets to discover outsider places. Some people do not take their cats with them when they travel or when they go in a long period of absence, so they stay alone in the house, no wonder why they run away.

Does my Cat hate me or Just Trying To Play?

After citing those reasons, we can understand well that it depends on the environment of your cat, and also it goes back to the nature of felines as well. Some people question as well if their cats hate them or try to play with them. The answer to this question is to analyze the up reasons and to analyze the environment of the cat to understand why she runs away from you.

We can say in this case that your cat does not trust you enough, and she can hate you as well. So, at the beginning of your relationship with your cat, you have to build up mutual trust between you and between the cats.  Cats generally love to play with specific tools like a woolen ball or small soft stuff. It actually walks a lot in the house when she is comfortable and feels safe with the owner and the house atmosphere.

Some pets experts advise Cats owners, not to overplay and spoil cats. This will make them used to a kind of a routine, so any expected change will freak them out to run away from you. If it happens that you cat as in mating season, and suddenly run away from you, you should not freak out because she/he surely will come back after satisfying their sexual needs.

What should I Do When My Cat Runs Away From Me?

After reviewing all this information, if you doubt your relationship with your cat, possibly it can lead it to run away from you. We ask you to review the information we mentioned above and solve this issue. In case your cats have already run away from you, we offer you some helpful tasks to do:

  • Do not panic, give it time and space for at least two days or three days.
  • Check well the places where your pet used to hide in, or check some hidden places in your house, garden, and even your basement.
  • Go back to a previous place you used to live in, or call your cat’s previous owner. There is a high possibility your cat came back there again. After reading our article, you know well how cats are nostalgic creators.
  • Call pets hospitals because it is possible to find your cat injured or something. There are a lot of surveys and statistics about pets accidents nowadays show that drivers never care to stop when seeing a passing-by pet.
  • When you search for your cat in the area, use the towels she used to sleep on. Cats are not good smellers as dogs, yet it is a good possibility to smell their smells.
  • Do not be surprised if your cat comes back after weeks pregnant if she is a female cat. They always come back looking for a safer place for their kittens’ kids.

Cats Instinct and Behavior towards Their Owner

As Simple as You Can: Just prevent any possible escape of your cat by trying your best to follow the instructions we mentioned above before it happens. Being a simple nice and very caring owner of your pet will prevent a high possibility of its escape from home or even the feeling that it avoids you near it sometimes.

This is not enough, in the case of its running away it can come back after a while because of how it has been treated from your side, and after simply being too kind to it, the cat will start getting near you with time. For instance, put food in a food bowl and keep watching it eating it. Give your cat enough love, independence, and time. Train it to be close to you, and do not interrupt it in nap times for instance.

How do I Gain back my Cat’s Trust?

You must know that you have to build a relationship of trust with your cat. This is an essential step you must consider at the beginning of your experience of petting. However, you can do it after viewing some problems with the cat. When we mention the term “build trust” it does not mean to hold it constantly, because it does not work at all, it is quite repellent. You must follow these easy steps:

Hello, this is my Place

cat marking its territory on couch

It is hugely important to respect the space of your cat and give it a space to discover the environment if she is newly pet in the house. The cats walk a lot in the house until they find a space of comfort to settle in. If you find it sometimes in your sofa, do not kick it out. Your cat can be marking its territory. Cats have a sense of independence so they do not like your sudden invasion of their spots. Whether the cat is a new pet or an old one, their spaces in the house are sacred. When this is highly respected, they will come effortlessly to sit in your lap.

Look, This is my Body Language

It is not surprising at all to tell you that your cat expresses itself throughout a lot of gestures. You just need to check whatever your cat does. You can check if she goes near you or not if she touches you suddenly sometimes, or if your cat rubs its face on you, or if she shrinks or tries to attack you when you hold it up.

All those are indicators of body expressions out of their internal feelings about you. You may notice if she is chilled or flicks the tail. The tail flicking is a sign of stress and anxiety. The size of the eye and the position of the ear are also stressing indicators depending on how big or small and closed or opened, so if you start noticing anything, you should work on it.

Come to Me Petit Cat!

You have to bear in mind the power of the cat of observing everything around it in the house. The cat observes you very well even if there is not any real interaction with it. Cats, as many pets experts have shown, do learn through observation many things about their owners and they deal with it with time. Instead of repeating Come to me petit cat! You just wait and it will come to you by itself.

Know the Touching Borders!

Pets experts have published many studies about the way cats love to be touched. You can be surprised when you hear that for the first time in your life if you are petting a cat for the first time. Some cats love to be always touched when they are sitting next to you, others like to stay untouchable.

You can link the previous section with this one, when you analyze the cat body language, you can predict the timing you can touch your cat. It is said to avoid over touch in their period of mating because cats in this period are so sensitive and aggressive as well.

Be Easy Going! 

You must be easy going with your cat as if it is a little kid. You should minimize your interaction with it as well as being an easy-going with it. To well simplify what we have already said, when you have a playing time together, try not to push your cat to play with specific toys, use easy stuff around both of you, or notice the things your cat likes to touch always.

Reading many experiences with previous cats holders as pets, it show that cats do not like to be controlled. It is preferable always to enjoy your time with them. Those stories also have shown that giving freedom to cats to do whatever they want without being too pushy in their playtime, nap time, or any plain time where they walk around in the house will highly level up the confidence and trust between you and your cat.

Take this Woolen Ball Cute Catty! 

Play time is very important to cats

It is very encouraging to have this system of rewards to your cats. You can give it some toys from time to time, and spend time with it, because it is important to give your cat some play time and hang out with it from time to time.

However, rewards must not be always items or toys only. It is meant to reward any good behavior your cat does by a simple treat or a soothing voice or touching softly the tails. It is part of strengthening your trust bond with the cat.

The treating system will enable you even to train your cat on specific things. You surely have to know what it likes as food for instance or even some specific home fabrics. You can deal with your pets as you are treating people around you. You can even imagine yourself a cat, yet not any cat. Take this image to the atmosphere you would like to be treated. This will surely be another step further to have a complete trust system with you and the cat.

Those last detailed information, you will guarantee confidence between you and your pets, it will diminish the possibilities that your cat can run away from you for any reason.

 How Do I Maintain a Good Relationship with my Cat?

The second solution will surely enable you as well to have a deep understanding of your role in the process of solving the issue of your cat running away from you.

After building a good trust relationship between you and your cat, it looks from the previous detailed information as if you do not have absolute control over your pet. This is not true because after building the trust bond it is high time to work out. It sounds you will be a trainee, but it is you who will be the trainer of your pet.

We will give you the steps to be a good trainer of your pet because it is important to have a balance of power in the relationship and not any of you over control or underestimate his role of power. It is important to train your cat in specific things such as not going out at night, not to pee around the house, or to avoid other cats in the area.

To start over this Working out, we introduce to you five important points:

  • It depends always on the system of traits. When your cat does a positive thing, reward it. This actually will make it understand that doing a positive thing will enable it always to have what she wants,
  • Let your cat see the trick you want it to learn by repeating it many times in front of it,
  • Make those pieces of training too way short,
  • Make them simple, funny, and manageable,
  • Do not stress out or scream in front of it because it may take a long time with you, but it is worthy after all to avoid any future conflicts.

Do Cats Feel Love?

Surely cats feel love and smell emotions as we have already mentioned above you can let your cat smell your hand and your neck sometimes, especially when cats are young or newborn. It will be easy for you to be always near it. When your cat is young, you can really work on the point of love and trust.

Most Asked Questions

Why is my cat suddenly running away from me?

If your cat runs away from you without any reason suddenly, it is probably the cat is sick or has some hidden injuries. Cats generally love to isolate themselves when they are sick. Just give them their space if they are suddenly started running away from you at home.

Why is my cat running around like crazy and meowing?

Some cats are hyperactive, especially at night. Maybe your cat wants attention from you and you have been neglecting it for a while. You may be a working person and when you come back home your cat loves to play with you. It will disappear with time, just give your cat care, love, and time to overcome this bad feeling inside of it.

How long does it take a cat to forget its owner?

Cats are like humans, they do not easily forget their previous owners. It needs a lot of effort from the new owner to let it forget them by giving cats’ just good treatment and love.

Final Thoughts

Owning a cat can always be a complicated matter. People still love to have cats because they look beautiful and cute. It is not an easy task. It is always exemplified by raising a baby. The difference between raising a baby is an endless process, but with cats, it can be easily done in a few months to prevent a lot of problems like your pets escape.

You must think well before taking this decision of having a pet, analyze if you have the appropriate environment to host a new member in your house and be ready to give an endless amount of love and caring. If you are a nervous person or you are a busy person, it is preferable not to try to have cats at all. If you have little kids like babies, it is encouraging to have small kittens because cats love the innate feelings of babies. Cats are just creators that are as simple as humans, so be good and treat them in a good way.

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